Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HotJobs software replacement?

Hi there. This is my first blog post ever, so be kind... :)

As the BostonCHI Hot Jobs coordinator, I need to be able to manage the mailing list and send out job postings. For the past few years, we've used Topica, which is a free service. It's ok, but has a number of flaws. Here's the list archive, if you'd like to check it out:

  1. I don't reliably get subscription requests emailed to me.
  2. The list member management is really archaic and clunky.
  3. The posting mechanisms work best if done through their web form, which is inconvenient.
  4. It redacts any email addresses in a message so that they must be clicked on to send an email to that address through Topica. To some people this might be a feature, but it's inconvenient to the job seekers.
But, it's free and keeps an archive automatically.

Here are some features that I'd really like in a replacement:
  1. Subscription requests are vetted against the BostonCHI membership list. Members would get automatically accepted and non-members would get a polite declining email.
  2. I'd like to be able to send a post via email to the service that doesn't get munged.
  3. Have a nicer interface.
  4. Have better list management features.
I would imagine that some combination of Perl sripts and the mailing list software currently hosted by the BostonCHI's web host would get me #1, but probably not #3 or #4.

I had thought of creating a private Google Group, as I think that people can receive posts via email and not have to create a Google account. Or, perhaps some sort of blogging endeavor? There're also sites like these which encompass some or all group organization, but are paid services.
Does anyone have any ideas?